Trần Minh Hiền Orlando ngày 30 tháng 8 năm 2016
Anne-Marie Albiach sinh 9 tháng 8 năm 1937 mất 4 tháng 11 năm 2012 là nhà thơ nữ, dịch giả PHáp.

the size of the sex
in the uncertainty of gender
and the singularities of the plural
remains with us
we strangers
assigned to this wound
this rigid quest
whatever the resulting
equation inhered into
the enigma
flesh rejoins blood
and mingles there
with the heat exists
in the preciseness of absence
Space weighs upon black
slowness of caress

carnal simultaneity
point of space where our
assimilable futures confront each other
and the male joint that unites us
one with the other
in the “welcoming enigma of the language”
reverse side of reality
female Nettle
sterility pinches the green gut
into unmoving
into unperturbed
into clarity of the scars
and renewed death of the blades
knives inhering in their light
gets up     humbles himself
gets up     folds up    in black   as in the egg of a
beach shimmering with heat
and coiled on the sand is reborn in the sterile
fibres of
the trinitarian androgyne

into cremation of the powers
the humble enslaved return
to the land
seduction: roots veins coaxed
to reintegrate the matrix
withdrawal to prism
enclosure of a catacomb
busy with wings
Heat of the illusion
into the tenderness of the muscles and of the gait
to raise the anchors
to stiffen the dreams        amputations
aspiration their wounds
towards the uniform sectioning of time
game,      cutting edge
where the present is
and our wound with it

Dylan quest born again in the arteries
of this throng
unique     the breath     revives again our
personal eternity
you have to fear
you have to fear
the aim of the inexorable return
possesses us
and the score of all pain
birth-cry of the sound I bring you
to the shout          at last —
To give the illusion
make yourself out carnal
and give it at the expense of appearances
as quick as the sight
I have dreamt of him
Concentration extreme volition of the muscle
tide of breath
mastered and regained
the permanent threat
but to absurdity this rush
more quickly
and to again
the anguish a breath
or a room or a straw mat
press us

A single profile and our knees
like floggings
of the impossible
desires still-born of the prism
these impulsions torment us
Cesspit of sounds
Trihedron of the stairs
Trần Minh Hiền Orlando ngày 30 tháng 8 năm 2016


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